2,500 year old Scythian comb

Ancient Scythian comb

This image contains what is described as a "2,500 year old Scythian comb." It is a comb, metallic gold in color, with nineteen close-set tines that taper as they extend from the base. Atop the tines is a decorative handhold upon which is carved a series of figures acting out a scene. In this scene, a soldier on horseback rears back his horse and draws his sword as his opponent, a foot soldier, strikes forward with his cutlass.

A second horse writhes beneath the hooves of the first, and a third soldier raises his shield behind the first soldier (likely his comrade). Beneath them, in a second decorative layer, are a series of small lion sculptures. It's a very nice comb! I do not know what "Scythian" means, but I do know that it's a well-preserved artifact if it's actually 2,500 years old. If I could, I would definitely comb my hair with it.

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