An island in Lake Mývatn, northern Iceland

Lake Mývatn, northern Iceland

An island is depicted in a color photo. This is a beautiful island picture, taken by Chris Zielecki. The island is triangular shaped. It is covered in deep green grass. A mountain slope dominates the center of the island. The top of the mountain has a depression, resembling that of a volcano.

Lake-Mývatn-islandOne slope of the mountain is sheer rock leading to the ocean. The island appears not to be populated, as no buildings are visible. White clouds and blue skies are above the island. The surrounding waters are blue and green. The island is in northern Iceland.

The indent is actually a pseudocrater (as opposed to a volcano crater) created when lava flows over water or wet ground. The resulting steam forms a bubble. When the bubble bursts, the lava cools into the distinctive shape.

Love this image? Below is the high resolution wallpaper:

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