Analysis of all the damage caused in the Fast & Furious movies

Cost of  the damage caused in the Fast & Furious movies

This image is a chart analyzing the total damage done in all The Fast & The Furious movies so far. The first section is numbers, without accompanying images.

  • Total cost: 514,364,366 dollars
  • Regular cars damaged: 169
  • Regular cars destroyed: 142
  • "Special" vehicles destroyed: 37
  • Buildings damaged: 53
  • Buildings destroyed: 31
  • Total items damaged: 432

Note: Special vehicle damage includes: custom cars, race cars, buses, trains, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, military vehicles, and other additional vehicles that would not be classified as regular cars. The second section notes the most expensive car ever destroyed in the movies.: Lykan Hypersport by W Motors, destroyed in Fast & Furious 7.

  • Value: $3,400,00

This is accompanied by an image of the car in question. It is red and vaguely futuristic-looking.

The last section is titled "Heroes vs. Villains" and consists of a pie chart titled "Who caused the most costly damage?" The section labeled Heroes is green, takes up more than half the chart and is totaled at $320,210,007. The section labeled Villains is red, takes up approximately a third of the chart and is totaled at $194,154,359.

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