Art perspective


Art that changes Perspective

The perspective of art shows continuity in objects based on how it is viewed. We always talk about "getting perspective" or "seeing it from their perspective," and that makes sense when it is also about viewing art. For the giraffe sculpture, you normally think it's a two-dimensional wire piece, but you see it's not.

It briefly turns into a jumble as the camera turns before assuming a new image, and though both look just like wire outlines, from seeing it at multiple angles you now know there is more depth to it, that seeing it from one side is not enough.

With the frog and hand's reflections, normally the reflection is what looks stretched or condensed, but now it's the reality which is stretched, to show that there's more to curved reflective surfaces than distortion; in this case, it is more containing and there's a rhyme and reason behind the way it reflects an image. I don't even know what's going on with the house video.

That is really trippy.


Amazing statue in Washington DC


Very Impressive Art


Made out of straws


book Carving

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