Burger on a brioche bun

Summer time lunches: burger on a brioche bun

A yummy lunch shows creative panache, in taking a fast-food staple and reinventing it with artistic flair. Labeled as a burger on a brioche bun, the burger is clearly hiding under a sunny side-up egg, neatly etched with smears of what appears to be chocolate sauce, all for what must be a truly intriguing mix of flavors. There is a neat cup of spiced macaroni salad.

To the forefront of the delicacies, lies a modest amount of potato chips, defying the usual potato chip look, as they have a waffle-grid appearance. And just to make it abundantly clear that this is an elevated burger dish, haute-burger, as it were, the condiment is placed in a taster spoon, on the edge of an attractive, edged, square plate. Bon appetite.

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