Dear astrofisicists of Reddit,

Dear astrofisicists of Reddit,

I'm a portuguese 14 yo that Dreams of being an astrofisicist. There are some questions I'd like to ask you. (20 to be exact) If any Word is not right, plz understand that I'm a portuguese 14 yo and I don't have the most perfect english.

Quick Bio: I'm a straight A student going to highschool next year. Since I was a little boy I started to whatch everything related to space and Math is by far my strongest atribute.

1 – Where do you work? Do you work in a single place or in multiple places?

2 – How is a "normal day" to you? Which are the 4/5 most frequent tasks that you do in a daily basis?

3 – What is the degree of responsability that you have in your work methods determination? If they are already determined, how are they already determinated and by who?

4 – How many hours do you work per day on average?

5 – Do you, as an astrofisicist, feel inclined to use any machines or tolos? If so which one?

6 – Does being an astrofisicist implies travelling?

7 – What activities do you do in your free-time? How frequently can you do those activities?

8 – In which measure does your profession implies work with others?

9 – Why did you choose this profession?

10 – What type of formation did you take to reach this profession? (habilitations, learnings, degrees, etc.)

11 – Did you had some other profession or hobby that helped you to enter your current profession? If so, in what way did that helped you?

12 – Is there any "update courses/degrees" (I really don't know the correct Word) in your profession that has contributed to your career evolution?

13 – For what professions would you be able to switch yours today?

14 – Do you like your profession? What do you like the most and the least in your profession

15 – Which characteristics should an individual have to practice the profession and have success in that?

16 – In which way does your profession influence the rest of your daily routine?

17 – How much do you make? (many of you won't like to give specific values so please put it in a range. Like "from about 750 to 1250€/$")

18 – In your opinion, what can we do to earn experience or to learn more about your profession?

19 – How is nowadays the work market in your professional area? What are the evolution perspectives for the coming years?

20 – Do you have any advice that you can give to a young student that is thinking about choosing this line of field?

Thanks for reading all of this and please respond in the comments the answers to these questions 😉 Hope you have a wonderful day, Francisco Ferreira

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