Family reunions can be disastrous…

Family reunions can be disastrous…

So my family and I love camping, hiking, anything that we can do outdoors. Two years ago I was at my grandparent's place, usually went there before the beginning of the new school year. That adventure turned out to be a good occasion for a year's family reunion.

So there I was, getting the porch table ready for dinner time, when all of a sudden I hear a slight commotion somewhere in our yard, peeked my head out to check but in vain, went behind the house, nobody there, figured out it was coming from the outside toilet. There it was, my cousin was screaming hysterically, calling for help, she somehow stuck her leg in the paving slab between the door and the toilet. Good 10 minutes later, I finally find a way to lift the goddamn block that was flinging her leg.

Then onto the awkward part, some of my family members went out looking for us, since they presumed we went together somewhere, they didn't even bother checking the toilet. -fml Anyway, so here we are – my sister and my two aunts out in the yard conversing, when I and my cousin casually stroll out of the toilet, as they gazed confused, I dumbfounded, ask how're they're doing instead of explaining what happened. To make things much much much worse, my cousin, takes off running, presumably in order to do something about the scratches on her leg. As I continue on my merry way back to the house, I say that she got stuck and how I helped her. The awkwardness and embarrassment were unreal. I didn't come out of my room till the end of the vacation and for some reason I never gave a detailed explanation of what happened exactly.

My family held a what's "right" and "wrong" life talk the following day (I was 16 and she was 14), to this day I believe they must think we did something ungodly that day. I haven't seen my cousin 7 months after that ordeal, it feels uncomfortable even mentioning it now. I have occasional nightmares about it, the cringe is killing me every time I think about it.

Suffice to say, I really don't want a family reunion again soon.

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