Gamer Full Sleeve

Gamer Full Sleeve Tattoo with Sonic, Megaman X, Zero, DK, Kirby

The image is a stylized tattoo sleeve that covers the whole arm, from top to bottom. The tattoo includes images from notable gaming icons such as Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Mario, Kirby, and Sonic the hedgehog. Apart from being really, really difficult to do - they hurt a lot because you need to go literally tenths of times to the tattooist. Nevertheless, the latter two facts make the persons resolution/determination that much strong - if you're willing to go through so much pain and time (and money), it means you want this.

The sleeve above is obviously a gamer's style one. It's a really beautiful and detailed one. The colors of the characters match properly to the intended icon. The transition from character to character is also stylized in giving the characters depth and 3D effect. If it weren't so difficult to remove (at a later point in life maybe), more people would be doing this. The tattoo itself must haven taken countless hours to complete not to mention the funds. Estimated value would be anywhere from one thousand to two thousand in us dollars spent.

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