I trash talked a random woman’s clothing on accident.

I trash talked a random woman’s clothing on accident.

So I was at a retail store with my girlfriend and we kind of went about our separate ways (I didn't realize this however) and I started looking at men's clothing. I was wrapping around a little display and I noticed another "human being" that I figured was my girlfriend (I didn't even look up to check). Anyways I saw a shirt with a design that I liked but it was in this color that I just wasn't feeling so I said out loud "this would be nice if it wasn't this shitty diahrea green color, I dont know why they think people would wear that". I then looked up and smiled only to notice that a 40 something year old woman was the only person next to me and she just so happened to be wearing a shirt that was the exact same color……

She smiled back at me….and laughed…..

I'm up at 4 am currently still hoping that maybe she didn't hear me… but I have a very loud mouth… Also how did I completely ignore body type and shirt color before acting like I knew this person? Idk.

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