Need help refining a layman’s introduction to spaceflight

Need help refining a layman’s introduction to spaceflight

Hi all,

After taking a group of friends to watch the recent Falcon 9 launch out of Vandenberg, they had a lot of questions. As a result, I'm working on a Youtube playlist that I can forward to people so that they can start out with almost no knowledge of physics or rocketry or anything like that, then watch at their own pace and hopefully leave with some sense that they've learned something.

My idea is to start off with answering relatively simple questions – like "why does the rocket turn?", "why not just go straight up?", "why didn't they recover the booster?", and then work up in complexity to questions like "how do you get to the moon or mars?" and "how does the spacecraft know where it is?" while layering in concepts like Newton's and Kepler's laws along the way only when they're needed so as to not overwhelm people who don't like math.

The current iteration of the playlist is here:

I'd greatly appreciate any comments on what I'm doing right or wrong, what makes sense and what doesn't, and where there are any huge leaps in knowledge and what kinds of (preferably) short, simple videos I can use to fill the gaps.

Thanks in advance!

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