Picking up girls at bars 101: sniff their drinks

Picking up girls at bars 101: sniff their drinks

My roommate and I went to grab a drink after a pretty mild day. I’ve been meaning to take her to this bar for a while because the vibe is really chill and it’s never disappointed before.

So we’re just standing at the bar talking and she’s taking pictures of the neon signs. Then all the sudden these two guys come up and ask her jokingly if she was taking pictures of him. At first we just laugh it off but then he follows up “I wouldn’t be surprised if you were” instead of just introducing himself like a normal person.

Neither of us are really interested, but we don’t tell them to go away either and just responded to their questions with short, convo killing answers. At one point, my roommate just stopped talking and went back to taking pictures. After a while of one word answers or “oh I see” , I stopped talking too and just looked away for a good full minute. I guess one of the bartenders noticed because he came over to ask if we needed anything. My roommate straight up looked uncomfortable and I’m trying to find a way to end the convo. At this point, they weren’t weird, we were just not in the mood to be sociable so the convo was pretty one sided.

I was pretty over it but before I can shut this down for good, one of the guy tries to start up a conversation again and ask me what I’m drinking. After I tell him, he leans down and sniffs my drink and then does the same to my roommate’s. I’m too shocked that this happened to even say anything. Thank god the bartender saw, came over and said “we’ve got extra tokens for skeeball, take some!”

I snap out of it and was like “YO I LOVE SKEEBALL, THANKS MAN” grab half the tokens, roommate grabs the other half and we booked it. Bartender guy, if you’re on reddit, good looking out my dude.

TL;DR stranger thinks it’s ok to sniff my drink after I tell him what it is.

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