Red Carpet interviewer does not know who Conleth Hill is (Varys on Game of Thrones)

Red Carpet interviewer does not know who Varys is (Game of Thrones)

This lady has no idea who Varys is. She introduces him as a producer however the truth is Conleth Hill is a star of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones.

He is Lord Varys and shares air time with the likes of Peter Dinklage. It is mindless how this lady has no concept who he is, it's her job to know it since she interviews individuals for a living. They tried to remove this video off of Youtube, but it is hosted here!

So who exactly is she? Her name is Diana Madison and she works for Hollyscoop. She was passing out fans and yelling to every celebrity that she is the BIGGEST fan.

Here are some gifs to celebrate our biggest fan!


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