Scout Report [2017-12-07]

Scout Report [2017-12-07]

Welcome to your thread dedicated to scouting some slightly less well known players. Whether it’s a young prospect at your club that you want to bring to other’s attention or an older head from a team most won’t normally watch that you think is the next Jamie Vardy.

For those of you that are unsure how to approach it, here’s a guideline of stuff that you may want to include (feel free to add or change according to how you see fit though):

Games watched – Just a little description of what they’re basing their judgment on Basic info of the player – age, nationality, height etc.

Stats – Games played, goals, whatever and source for things that aren’t basic like some of the stuff provides. Description of current role within team. What are his primary responsibilities? What does he allow other players to do?


Summary – Can be where he’s at now, his potential, any discussion about tactical fits etc. If some sort of grade is included, give a key every time, because it won’t mean the same thing to everybody

This thread is really for players that not everyone will be familiar with, so please try and encourage those giving insight to players you’ve not heard of before.

Finally, this is brand new, so any recommendations on how these threads could be improved are very welcome.

Credit to /u/a_treacle_fiend

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