Spider Man 2 (2004) still remains the best Spider Man movie and a top 5 superhero movie.

Spider Man 2 (2004) still remains the best Spider Man movie and a top 5 superhero movie.

I was quite a big fan of the Raimi movies while they were coming out in the mid 2000s but had not rewatched them since Spider Man 3 came out in 2007. After that, The Dark Knight and MCU had changed superhero cinema in many ways and Raimi's trilogy just got left behind. But I rewatched Spider Man 2 recently and I was pleasantly surprised to see it hold up incredibly well.

What makes Spider Man 2 special is that the movie does a terrific job in balancing Peter Parker with Spider Man. Seeing Peter go through the ups and downs in his life combined with the question of what Spider Man means to him and the people/city and the resolution of this issue was developed nicely.

Furthermore, it was refreshing to see a villain with somewhat logical goals and incentives to do what he does. Molina played Dr. Octopus really well and it was great to see a villain have a proper arc and develop alongside the hero.

Tobey Maguire gives his best performance as the character in SM 2 and I have never felt more for Peter Parker than in any other iteration. Rosemary Harris as Aunt May was another excellent performance.

The CGI and action sequences have aged decently. The train sequence as well Dr. Octopus' scenes are still thrilling to watch. I miss the wide shots of Spider Man swinging across NYC which was severely lacking in Homecoming.

All other aspects such as romance and comedy were well executed to provide an excellent superhero film that is basically a drama/character study. SM 2 remains the best Spider Man movie, IMO of course, as well as a top tier superhero film.


The epic final swing

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