Sunset over Jokulsarlon Lake in Iceland

Jokulsarlon Lake in Iceland

Sunset over Jokulsarlon Lake in Iceland by Elia Locardi shows a wild and awe-inspiring landscape, from both above and below. The sky, painted by the sunset with rocketing shards of deep purple and orange, appears to be in motion, with its' colors racing towards a gentle shore of soft blue sky, where they break at last into small islands.

Below, giant shards of ice, tinted with a brilliant blue, echo the chaotic motion above, ironically and even though they are broken and lie still upon the sand. Their jagged bodies appear to have been tossed, like animals brought to shore and left to recuperate after a terrible storm. At the far end of the image, like a vortex of calm, appearing as a place of calm imperturbability, entirely separate, it would seem from the raw frenzy of the rest of the view, lies a line of gently rolling mountains.

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