The Apparition, Gustave Moreau, Watercolor, 1876

Gustave Moreau in Watercolor 1876

This is a watercolor painting of depicting an ancient, biblical scene. The background is of a temple.There are steps up to an arch, and on the bottom step are scattered flowers. The temple is painted with intricate, patterned details and is blue and light brown/beige.

There is a woman standing directly in front of a blue column on the bottom step in the building with one leg forward. She looks like she is royalty, as she is wearing a large crown or headdress. She wears a long, intricately patterned white and blue robe across her arms that drapes down her back, jeweled undergarments, bare legs, and jewelry on her ankle, wrists, neck and ears. She is pointing toward the floating head.

Behind this woman and to the left there is a man in a white robe and large white head-dress on a throne who sits on a throne looking toward the woman. Beneath him is a royal looking woman on a throne, with a colorful blue, pink, and yellow dress with detailed pattern. She looks blankly at the head. On the second step there is a woman to the right of the first woman described, who appears to have a head-dress, a blank expression, and is playing a stringed instrument while sitting down.

Her dress is muted but has bits of red, yellow and blue. To the right of this woman is a man with a white head-dress with a sword in his right hand which he has pointed down to the ground. His face is partially covered, he has no shirt, and red fabric around his waist draped around him like a skirt.

There is a cow head statue to the right of him below his feet, and some small statue. In the center of the image is an intricate yellow sunburst type circle with a floating male head in the middle of it. The face is facing the left of the image, and has long light brown hair and blood dripping from the hair.

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