The top 5 found creepy footage recordings

5 unsettling Footages that were discovered

The video provides an in depth description about 5 of the creepiest actual discovered footage recordings ever.

1. San Mateo Fires

It begins with the the Redwood Metropolis arsonists. It was discovered 2 mentally unfit youngsters had been burning down the homes, only for mere enjoyement. The video footage even captured one of the boys gloating concerning the crime they've commited. Read More

2. Ricardo López (stalker)

The second footage belongs to Bjork stalker who needed to kill a singer. Read more

3. Pennhurst psychological hospital

Third footage portrayed the Pennhurst mental hospital where mentally challenged people were tortured mercilessly. Two college students scout the area but mysteriously disappear. Forever. Pretty eerie. However, most likely fake as we cannot find any articles on the missing students

4. Dnepropetrovsk maniacs

The 4th video is the most shocking one for me. The hammer maniacs from Ukraine. Two 19 year old serial killers killed around 21 people in a span of 22 days and captured the killings on their camera. Sheer madness. Read more

5. Paris Catacombs

The last video shows a man capturing a footage in a catacomb in Paris. He seems to be running away from someone or something and suddenly drops the camera, and he was never found again. How scary!!!! Read more

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