To follow the YES MAN (2008) way of life you have to spend $33,555 in a few months.

To follow the YES MAN (2008) way of life you have to spend $33,555 in a few months.

Just watched the movie on prime, and thought I would calculate what it would cost me to live the YES MAN life.

6 months of lessons to be able to play Jumper – Third Eye blind, it is somewhat difficult for a beginner to play. Average of 3 lessons per week (guesstimate). Average cost of guitar lessons in California is $64 per hour. So: $4608

Korean Lessons: $1550 (says it on the sheet)

Flying lessons average cost to become competent enough to fly plane by ones self based on previous english speaking students is $9265

Cost to bungee jump: $99

Buying everyone drinks at the bar: Roughly $5,331 based on having an open bar at a wedding. Hard to say how much this would actually cost given that nobody in the history of the world outside of movies has ever done this.

Average cost of penis enlargement: $5091

Memory foam mattress that can do that wine thingy from the TV: $2666

Cost of Girl scout cookies: $4 per box, must therefore buy all the boxes they have as they will ask. They are carrying 5 boxes: $20

Bridal shower cost: $400

Child harry potter costumer: $25

Open face bike helmet: $70

Cost of flight to Lincoln Nebraska avg $400 per person. $800 in total. Source: SKYSCANNER

Cost of clay pigeon shooting: $130 per person. $260

Cost of College football home game: $150 per person: $300

Cost of fights back to California: $800

Cost of recovering towed vehicle: $300 avg

Cost of items in apartment pan over shot: Foosball table: $200 Epiphone G1275 double neck guitar: $1150 Workout bench: $500 Electric chip pan: $120

TOTAL $33,555

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