XFX 3rd Annual XFX Art Contest Ended

XFX 3rd Annual XFX Art Contest Ended

First off, I want to say "Thank You" to the Mods for allowing this and everyone who participated in THIS CONTEST. Congratulations to all the winners. The original Prize pool was 2x RX 580 4GB cards… once we saw all the amazing amount of quality submissions we needed, we broke the budget rules and expanded as much as we could. The final prize pool and winners are…

Grand Prize- 1x XFX RX 580 8GB GTS Black Core Edition

Runner up Prizes- (3 winners) 1x RX 580 4GB

Second Runner Up's – (2 winners) 1x XFX RX 570 4gb

Honorable mentions

Thank you to everyone who participated. I love every single one of these submissions and I wish i could have them all. Unfortunately, They only give me so many GPUs. I'm sorry if you didn't win a big prize. Luckily, there will always be another contest as long as we continue to get the great quality we've become accustomed too (or spoiled by?). If you've submitted an art piece in a contest I've held in the past, i will always PM you when the next one starts.

Have an idea for a contest? im all ears, let me hear it!

Post Script: I get a lot of negative feedback for high-effort contests and giveaways, but as long as people continue to produce amazing original content, ill continue to hold them.

Mark at XFX

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