21 Movie Tattoos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

movie-tattoosFilm Inspired Tattoos

These 21 movie tattoos will blow you away! Any die hard fan of their favorite film would love to get one of these. These tattoos incorporate favorite scenes, characters, or even logos. They consist of different genre flicks, from horror to animated children's movies.

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princess-aurora-tattoo1. Princess Aurora Arm Tattoo by Ariel Robinson at Visions Tattoo in Medway, MA

The photograph shows three different angles of a forearm tattoo showing an image of Princess Aurora from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. The image covers the entire forearm and is done in color ink. Princess Aurora is holding her hand out for a bluebird and there is a silhouette of the castle in the background.

How-to-Train-Your-Dragon-tattoo2. How to Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Tattoo of "How to Train Your Dragon" place on the right forearm. Silhouette style of the dragon circling the rider as he falls then glides/flies with his dragon. The red mimics the design of the tail, thus giving the symbolism of harmony and trust between them. The rider is the center of importance to the dragon. For the rider, the dragon circles his whole world.

dragon-ball-z-eternal-dragon-marc-durrant-md-tattoo-studio-northridge-ca3. Dragon Ball Z Eternal Dragon Tattoo by Marc Durrant at MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA

The image is about a tattoo of Dragon from a famous Hentai TV series called Dragon Ball Z. This tattoo is etched on the skin of a die hard fan of this TV show. The name of the Dragon is Shenron and he is God and Magical dragon, he has a green skin and hair, sharp teeth, unlike other Dragons depicted in media he doesn't have any wings but he flies in the sky.

This tattoo has 6 golden balls which are called "The Dragon Balls" each depicted with no of dots on it showing its number in the series of 6 balls. If all the balls are collected together Shenron will appear and grant any 3 wishes to the person who brings all the balls together, after all the wishes are fulfilled the balls will split up into 6 different corners which is totally random and very difficult to find.

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-tattoo4. Mad Max: Fury Road Tattoo

A Mad Max: Fury Road Tattoo that is in a shape of a circle but with the center as a skull. The backdrop of the image is a splatter of the colors orange and red.

carnage-nikko-hurtado-black-anchor-collective-hisperia-ca5. Carnage Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Collective in Hisperia, CA

This picture consists of three shots of the same tattoo, on what is either the arm of a man. The tattoo depicts the face of the character Carnage from Marvel's Spider-man comics on a blue background. His mouth is wide open, baring his teeth, and his tongue snakes out to form a spiral. It seems that, given the tattoo's positioning, one cannot get a good view of Carnage's entire face and Carnage's entire tongue at the same time. The texture in Carnage's face is incredibly detailed, looking wet and a little gross.

jaws-tattoo6. Jaws Tattoo

Here you will find a tattoo depiction of one of the best movies ever made, Jaws. The artwork is insanely beautiful and comes pretty close to what you would call perfect! The first of the series was released in 1975 and is available on Netflix today as well as other sites. Beautiful details on this tattoo, shading and coloration are gorgeous. Well-worth the time and money.

totoro-tattoo7. Totoro tattoo by Andy Canino at Dedication tattoo, Denver CO

The image shows a Caucasian person with a tattoo across their leg. The tattoo is of a popular animated movie character called "Totoro". The character is mostly colored in black, grey & white, however it has small orange flames across its arms, and a green leaf upon its head. The character is also carrying an umbrella in it's right arm, and the umbrella is blue in color. The character appears to be sitting upon a branch with berries on.

goonies-tattoo8. Goonies Tattoo

HEY YOU GUYS! Only the best kids movie ever, this tattoo idea is taken from the Goonies movie which every human being should have to see. Whether you are a fan of the truffle shuffle or love the part with the treasure, the adventures through the cave, most people will be able to recognize this tattoo right away, from either character shown.

jokers-joy-ride-kris-bushing-skin-deep-tattoo-levittown-ny9. Jokers Joy Ride Tattoo by Kris Bushing

The Picture is of a tattoo from a very famous scene in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. As the Joker puts his head out through the car to feel the wind on his face. The scene symbolizes freedom and this is why the person with the tattoo decided to have it. The tattoo is on the person’s inner arm. It is very well tattooed and the artist shows command in the use of the needle.

chucky-tattoo10. Chucky Tattoo

This tattoo of chucky the killer doll is very vivid and colorful, chucky is holding a knife and looks like he wants to stab someone . Chucky looks evil and ugly.


11. Harry Potter arm tattoo by Carter at iHeartTattoo in Columbus OH

There is a photo of an arm with a tattoo on it. The tattoo on the arm depicts a castle with words underneath it and a book with open pages underneath the words. The words on the tattoo that can be seen in the photo are, "...are out most inexhaus... ...source of magic." It is a Harry Potter tattoo by Carter that was done at iHeartTattoo in Columbus, OH.


12. Freddy Kreuger Tattoo

This tattoo appears to be located on the right shoulder blade. The tattoo displays a Freddy Kreuger claw cutting its way out of a wound in the skin of the person with the tattoo. The blades on the fingers are dripping with blood while flesh is displayed below the outer skin layer.

realistic-ariel-half-sleeve-tyler-malek-underworld-tattoo-co-salem-nh13. Ariel half sleeve Tattoo by Tyler Malek at Underworld Tattoo Co in Salem, Nh

The image shows two different shots of a sleeve-style tattoo on the upper arm of a Caucasian woman in a black tank top. The tattoo shows a woman resembling Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid sitting on a rock in the water. She is wearing only a purple seashell bra. In her left hand is a needle which she is using to sew her legs together so that they resemble the tail of a mermaid. Her eyes are closed.

Beneath the water, where her feet should be, are fins like a fish's. To the right of the fins is a blue and yellow fish, which resembles the character Flounder from Disney's The Little Mermaid, only less stylized. On the rock, to the left of the woman (by her right hip) is a red crab. Behind her, there is a colorful orange and red sunset with a blue sky already showing stars. The woman's anatomy is slightly wonky.


14. Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Tattoo

This tattoo of Hannibal Lecter is inked with black and silver on the elbow of a man. The butterflies, inked with yellow ink, fly around the bottom and top of this tattoo. Hannibal is inked with blue eyes with some red around the mouth as it contrasts the grey and silver of his skin color.

chimaera-star-wars-rebels-thrawn-seth-wood-temple-tattoo-oakland-ca15. The Chimaera tattoo by Seth Wood at Temple Tattoo, Oakland CA

Like two roads diverge from a single point, two snakes emerged from single body with fire exhale. Color and appearances resemble two hibiscus flowers are grouped, it attracts to touch but an extremely dangerous fire missiles are ready to launch. One must ensure the safety by looking warning symbol of dazzling red eyes, the Chimera.

hell-raiser-tattoo16. Pinhead tattoo from Hellraiser

Shoulder tattoo of Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser. The Hellraiser clasps his hand over his face, peering through his fingers. His hands have black finger nails and the skin on the back of them, much like his head, is pinned together. Hellraiser's face is done in simple black and white with great detail work from the tattoo artist. His head is surrounded by a swirl of shades of aqua and green.

hellboy-tattoo17. Hellboy Tattoo

This is a picture of a person's upper arm, looking it from the side. there is a Hellboy tattoo that is looking directly back. His brows are furrowed and his horns are missing. Below the picture of his face, there is another scene, where Hellboy is facing towards the front of the person's body. The tattoo appears to continue down the arm, however the picture cuts it off.

beetlejuice-tattoo18. Beetlejuice Tattoo

This is a picture of Beetlejuice, a character from a 1980s movie, played by Micheal Keaton. It is tattooed on someone's arm. In the image, Beetlejuice it looking to his left and upwards. His hair is green and appears to be receding. His eyes have dark circles around them and there is a spot of green on is mouth. The image is a bust portrait only.

shrek-tattoo19. Shrek Tattoo

This is a photo of a person's arm from several angles. This shows that they have a full-color tattoo of many of the characters from the animated movie, Shrek. It features the following characters: Shrek, Shrek's love interest, the antagonist prince, the donkey sidekick, the gingerbread man, and many others.

star-wars-tattoo20. Star Wars Tattoo

Full color Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi tattoo full arm sleeve. Featuring the faces of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), and the Emperor (Darth Sidious). The background of the tattoo has the partially reconstructed Death Star and Han Solo's ship the Millenium Falcon.

Harley-Quinn-Suicide-Squad-realistic-portrait-tattoo21. Harley Quinn Tattoo from Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn tattoo from Suicide Squad. The tattoo is done in full color, with a lot of detail in the hair, as well as in the jewelry around the neck. The tattoo has a lot of shading around the eyes and around the lips. In addition to the shading, there is also some highlighting done in the hair, and in the eye area as well. The tattoo uses dark outlining as well as dark, bold text. The colors of the tattoo are bright and the facial features are cleanly done in this tattoo.

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