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Our social media dream team knows what you want and we are here to deliver. All of our viral experts are seasoned veterans when it comes to composing an engaging and borderline addictive collection of can’t stop watching videos. Each one is short on its own, but once you get hooked and look up at the clock its been an hour. Or five.

We love to laugh, cry, and feel every other emotion from viral videos just like our audience members do. We follow the golden rule of treating others as we would like to be treated. Our entertainment is progressive and captivating and embodies virality at its best. ViralDecay is here to serve our faithful global followers with all of the trending social news, viral videos and entertainment they can handle.

Too many video-sharing sites become dull and redundant. iFindViral.com strives to provide our audience with the latest trending media in a fun and charismatic manner. The most interesting current events stories and social media are captured live on life’s main street. We provide our viewers with constantly updated content. iFindViral.com delivers content in a feel-good format that is guaranteed to grab your attention and hold onto it.

iFindViral.com provides our global fan base with a place to view, share and create quality trending media content. Join the ViralDecay team in saying kick start those social conversations now! Share away!

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